B(l)ack to Basics I

Black is a very basic color. Everyone must own at least one basic black garment. Be it pants, shirts or even bag. Its versatile, you could just match it with any other color. Therefore, our latest collection features b(l)ack to basics with an array of black clothing and accessories.

 simple yet chic black dress

 *belt is not included

 stretchable, gathered waist

 pleats at the front

Basic Black Dress
RM 35

Length: 30 inch
Waist: 15 inch (stretchable)

Size: free size
fits a bigger size range so fitting won't be a problem even if you're a petite or a full size lady.

Material: Cotton
*more of a charcoal black color


double pockets

full length sleeves

 close up
*shoulders are padded

Military Black Shirt
RM 35
(selling fast!!)

Shoulder: 14 inch
Bust: 17.5 inch
Length: 23 inch

Material: cotton
*more of a charcoal black color

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