Sailor Jack II

Markus Lupfer

 close up on sailor patch

 Sailor Jack 1.0

Remember our previous collection, Sailor Jack? It was a huge hit among our customers. Therefore we are bringing it back with more lovable details! Sailor Jack II comes with full length sleeves compared to the three quarter sleeves on Sailor Jack I. New twist added with a sailor inspired patch on the left side of the chest area. It is also still equipped with expensive looking golden buttons. Kate Moss and Micheal Jackson came straight across our mind when we saw this, even we couldn't resist to keep one. The great thing about this jacket is that, it not too thick like an ordinary jacket but more like a cardigan. Wear it to freezing lecture halls or a movie date!

Black with White Stripes and Red Trims
Grey with White Stripes and Black Trims

Shoulder: 15 inch
Bust: 17 inch
Length: 18 inch

Material: thick cotton (quality guaranteed)

RM 49

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